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Finger Rings Designs For Female

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    Cigar Band CZ Ring Cigar Band CZ Ring


    Dainty Bow Ring Dainty Bow Ring


    Lapel Ring Lapel Ring


    Triangle Ring Triangle Ring


    Claw Midi Ring Claw Midi Ring


    Bohemian Glam Ring Bohemian Glam Ring


    Brushed Ribbon Ring Brushed Ribbon Ring


    Brushed Ring Brushed Ring


    Swirling Ring Swirling Ring


    Overlap Ring Overlap Ring


    Pave Ring Pave Ring


    Cambodian Leaf Ring Cambodian Leaf Ring


    Double Feather Ring Double Feather Ring

    Gold & Black
    Gold & Blue
    Gold & Brown
    Gold & Purple
    Gold & Red
    Gold & Turquoise
    Silver & Black
    Silver & Blue
    Silver & Brown
    Silver & Green
    Silver & Red
    Silver & Turquoise
    Silver & White

    Double me Up Ring Double me Up Ring


    Viking Stone Ring Viking Stone Ring


    Venetian Double Ring Venetian Double Ring

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